Protect Your Brand and Your Customer Experience With Fluxguard’s Defacement Monitoring

Using AI-powered technology, Fluxguard employs non-stop defacement and defect tracking to prevent unauthorized changes and malicious attacks that can damage your brand.


How Does Fluxguard Protect Your Online Assets?

Defacement takes many forms but typically involves tampering with the end-consumer experience. Fluxguard’s website change detection technology can help prevent defacement by:

Detecting negative, brand-damaging text or images inserted on home pages

Monitoring for malicious scripts, trojans, viruses, or malware aimed at stealing information or damaging data

Alerting you to phishing scams, DNS hijacking, email spoofing, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and more

Notifying you about unauthorized or suspicious edits

Track Activity Across the Full Surface of Your Assets

Stay abreast of changes to your websites as they happen with accurate, timely, and comprehensive change detection and AI-powered alerts.


Robust Defacement Intelligence

Fluxguard detects changes in text, HTML, metadata, images, and other website elements, with customization options to make sure your results are accurate and comprehensive.


Sophisticated Website Change Detection

Fluxguard ensures you never miss critical changes by detecting new pages and by operating through multi-step processes such as login screens that typically require human intervention.


Actionable Insights Prioritized for You

Fluxguard helps you quickly understand changes by providing AI-powered summaries of pages and offering options to categorize detected changes by level of importance.

Why Use Fluxguard to Protect Your Online Presence?

Defacement presents a critical threat to a brand’s reputation, but it also poses a more insidious threat in the form of damaged consumer experiences.

Defacement is a particular challenge to traditional detection techniques. After all, defacement is almost always a “zero day” event with little or no history to allow for easy detection. With Fluxguard you can:

Laptop and hands closeup

Stay on top

of changes to your web assets by getting timely, comprehensive intel

Prevent harm

from both known vulnerabilities and unknown, “zero day” events

Reduce costs and save time

by automating and customizing data collection so that you monitor only what you need

Streamline workflows

with API integrations and webhooks that accelerate your insight

Website Defacement Protection Unlike Any Other

Engineered in partnership with the US Air Force, Fluxguard automates intel collection from subtle digital clues and resistant data.

Here’s How Fluxguard Works

Crawls and Collects

Fluxguard first obtains data from often-complex web sources.

Evaluates and Prioritizes

Fluxguard then determines relevance to the customer’s rules and needs.

Transforms and Enriches

Next, Fluxguard uses change monitoring, ad hoc rules, and AI to tailor insights to each customer.

Integrates and Acts

Finally, Fluxguard dovetails results into your ecosystem when and where you need it.

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