Continuously Monitor Regulatory Changes that Impact Your Healthcare Insurance Compliance With Fluxguard

With AI-Powered website change detection technology, Fluxguard helps teams easily track, analyze, and respond to critical state and federal regulatory changes.


How Does Fluxguard Help Insurance Companies?

Risk & compliance and legal teams operating in healthcare insurance rely on Fluxguard's website change detection technology to perform continuous surveillance of the regulatory landscape.

Reduce risk related to missing changes to laws that impact healthcare insurance.

Comprehensively collect healthcare insurance regulatory intel efficiently and cost-effectively.

Seamlessly turn regulatory insights into actions that decrease response time and increase overall revenue.

Stay abreast of changes from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Trade Commission, state insurance regulators, and more.


Available On Demand

Maintaining regulatory compliance is critical, and regulations are often complex and constantly evolving. We can help.

Track Regulatory Changes as They Happen

Stay abreast of changes to rules and regulations around healthcare insurance with accurate, timely, and comprehensive change detection and AI-powered alerts.


Robust Regulatory Intelligence

Fluxguard detects changes in text, HTML, images, and other website elements, with customization options to make sure your results are accurate and comprehensive.


Sophisticated Website Change Detection

Fluxguard ensures you never miss critical changes by detecting new pages and by operating through multi-step processes such as login screens that typically require human intervention.


Actionable Insights Prioritized for You

Fluxguard helps you quickly understand changes by providing AI-powered summaries of pages and offering options to categorize detected changes by level of importance.

Why Use Fluxguard?

Healthcare insurance is regulated at many levels and varies from region to region. The rules and regulations that govern the industry are often buried within websites that require many clicks to navigate, and once located can be complex to understand. With Fluxguard you can:

Laptop and hands closeup

Mitigate risk

by getting timely, comprehensive intel on compliance changes from regulators at every level and in every region

Reduce costs and save time

by automating and customizing data collection so that you monitor only what you need

Improve strategy

in your approach to compliance by getting AI-powered summaries that help you understand complex or nuanced changes

Streamline workflows

with API integrations and webhooks that accelerate your insight

Regulatory Compliance Technology Unlike Any Other

Engineered in partnership with the US Air Force, Fluxguard automates risk detection from subtle digital clues and resistant data.

Here’s How Fluxguard Works

Crawls and Collects

Fluxguard first obtains data from often-complex web sources.

Evaluates and Prioritizes

Fluxguard then determines relevance to the customer’s rules and needs.

Transforms and Enriches

Next, Fluxguard uses change monitoring, ad hoc rules, and AI to tailor insights to each customer.

Integrates and Acts

Finally, Fluxguard dovetails results into your ecosystem when and where you need it.

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